Late Late Toy Show - November 2018

'Up For The Match' 2017; Waterford V Galway

I was commissioned by RTE to do a John Mullane-inspired Waterford mural on the side of Walsh's Bakehouse, which is basically the Beyoncé of the Blaa-baking industry. 

'I loves me county boi' is definitely the most iconic Waterfordian catchphrase coined in my lifetime and will probably remain just that for years to come.

Unfortunately, I crumbled under the pressure of staring down the most professional looking camera I had ever seen and pronounced 'boi' completely wrong. 

I'm not sure how to spell it phonetically because it is a very unique sound, but it's definitely not said like how 'boy' sounds. This was an accidental act of heresy from myself and one that I will never repeat on national television, again.



Gradys Yard - October 2018

Gradys Yard is a craft beer pub in Waterford that commissioned me to complete some interior artwork. I free-handed this piece using Montana 94 spray-paint. I adapted their graphic designers concepts to create a unique and interesting spin on their merchandise.

Make-A-Wish Ireland 'wish'  - January 2019

The below excerpt is taken from a post on the Make-A-Wish Ireland Facebook page. The foundation commissioned me to create an uplifting mural in their family home, as an ode to their son Angus. I created the work with the use of spray-paint, house paints and a lot of glitter.

"Angus' wish means so much to us as he can no longer understand or speak past the age of a six month old. His wish is extra special as it incorporates all of the things he's always loved. Angus loves Cookie Monster and watching films - this has now been made more comfortable for his eyes due to his optic atrophy. Angus' disease has robbed him of being able to travel and enjoy holidays due to so many complications so, to us this is just the best wish for him. You have truly brightened our little pickles life...”

A special thank you to Caoilfhionn Hanton Art for creating such an inspirational mural based on Angus’ two loves in life, Cookie Monster and 
New York. "

Run-A-Muck - May 2018

I was asked to paint a few images in Tramore's finest kids' play area and I jumped at the opportunity. I have many happy memories as a child there myself! I wanted to convey the image of joy and excitement as to aid the kids' experience in this hired 'party' space, and I've been told it does indeed provoke a positive response with the children and the adults who attend these parties, also. 

I used spray paint and house paint again.




Waterford, Ireland