about me 

My name is Caoilfhionn Hanton and I am twenty-two years old.

'Caoilfhionn' is phonetically pronounced 'Qwee-lin' but I don't mind if you accidentally call me the wrong name initially. I have heard every variation of my name, from the innocent 'Keeva' to the ridiculous claptrap of 'California/ Cauliflower/ Cleveland' and the comedic calamity these titles ensue. I've put aside a substantial cash prize for anyone who can think of the best pseudonym I've not heard yet.

My interests include the usual; makeup, music, art, fashion, nature, talking about interesting things with interesting people at any given chance, laughing, appreciating beauty in all its forms. 

I've been absorbed in art since I was very little. Practically drawing since the womb, I learned how to make stencils during my transition year work experience from Dublin artist Steve Kemp of The KEMP Gallery and began to focus massively on street art. I had always loved portraiture but I have thoroughly enjoyed practicing different mediums through the years, like pen and pencil, spray paint, watercolour, acrylic, oils and digital work.. 



Waterford, Ireland